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Squires & Scoundrels at 72 Duxton Road S(089531) - The Ambience & The Menu

The Ambience 
The al fresco area right outside the entrance to boutique Gastropub Squires & Scoundrels at 72 Duxton Road seats about 16 pax with 8 round high chairs flanking each of the two rustic hand-crafted rectangle high tables. 
Imprinted on one side of the pillar flanking the two rectangle tables is the address of Squires & Scoundrels "72 Duxton Road" with two Banksy artwork that somewhat summaries what Squires & Scoundrels had to offer - great wine, gourmet burgers.
The headboard at the entrance to the Gastropub has the Squires & Scoundrels brand with the mascot "The Ostrich" in Banksy art stenciled painted in black ink.
The entrance is flanked by see through glass panel doors with the Squires & Scoundrels in Gold forming the circumference surrounding the mascot Ostrich. 

"Food Drink Debauchery" which is the official slogan of Squires & Scoundrels is proudly engraved on the glass panel - to welcome gentlemen (Squires) & gentlemen who like to commit petty crimes (Scoundrels) to indulge in great beer & great tasting Gourmet Wagyu Beef burger! 

The entrance opens up to a Table Shuffleboard (American Shuffleboard) that runs parallel to the wall with mural art in silhouette black ink hand painted. The Shuffleboard acts as the activity area where patrons can pull out their shooting skills, have fun, be competitive, all at the same time. 

Squires & Scoundrels Founder Brent Oddson's right hand PR & Marketing man Oliver Osborne did not hesitate to demonstrate how to score his best on the Shuffle Board below: 

The centrepiece of the Gastropub belies the Bar Top (below) that is made out of marble, connected to the hot kitchen complete with grill, oven, hood & hob, where all things delicious are prepared, concocted & served. 

Eight red wood bar chairs with high back flank the marble bar top table, where patrons seated can watch as the Mixologist concocts the Cocktail of the day. 
Here we have Founder Brent Oddson showcasing his bartending skills at the Bar Top, a skill he has been honing since his school days back in the USA.

Here's the bird's eye view of the entire Gastropub from the higher ground of the Blue Sky Brewery room. 
The Blue Sky Brewery room has a long rectangle solid wooden table that can seat another 10 pax. 

Large conical metallic lamp shades give the hanging light bulbs a cozy feel, and adds to a rustic touch  to the ambience. In the background soothing popular music resonance from the speakers, giving an upbeat momentum to the otherwise serene gastropub in the after lunch hour. 

The walls are beautifully filled with Banksy art on murals like these below :

The Menu 2015 

About Squires & Scoundrels 
Squires & Scoundrels at 72 Duxton Rd is founded in June 2014 by American Brent Oddson, 35, who used to be a Trader from the Finance industry  & had lived & worked in Singapore for the past 12 years. 
It is managed under Vespucci & Sons International Grocers of whom Brent Oddson is the Managing Director. Together with his Marketing & PR right hand man - Briton Oliver Osborne, 33, 
(who himself owns Osborne Holdings or OH for short) a marketing & events company, Brent Oddson sets Squires & Scoundrels apart as a boutique gastropub serving - 1. Beer & Cider (*Bluesky Pilsner, Peroni(Draft), Tuatara, Rochdale Cider, Spitfire Ale, Citra Ale, Bishops Finger, Weizenbier, Oakham Ales Citra**) 
2. Cocktail (*Furtini, Greg's Negroni, Jhonny Danger, Margarita, Mojitos, Tito's Summer, Scoundrel's Sangria**) 
3. Wines (*Reds & Whites**) 
4. Specialty Gourmet Burgers in 4 different flavors: New York, Madrid, Bombay, Ciudad de Mexico, with The Colonies (sliders) & The Territories (*side of fries*).  

Squires & Scoundrels' hot kitchen uses Australian fresh chilled Wagyu beef patty which when pan-seared serves to seal in the flavor to enable the meat to  exude a juicy sweet tender flavor after a 3 minutes' grill in the oven. Diners can have a drink, chill out & enjoy a fun game on the Shuffle Board. During the day you can follow Feera as she whips up delicious tasty Gourmet Wagyu Burgers.

Squires & Scoundrels is located at : 
72 Duxton Road, Singapore 089531
Tel : 66356604
Nearest MRT : Tanjong Pagar MRT 
Opening Hours : (Monday - Saturday) 
3pm - 7pm (Happy Hour)
3pm - 12 am (Burger/Bar)
6pm - 12am Sat (Burger/Bar)

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