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Blink Burgers at 537 Bedok North St 3 #01-555 - The Signature Gang Gogi Burger at S$10.00

The Blink Burgers Menu consists of  5 Signature Burgers - Angels & Demons, ABG Ramlee, Gang Gogi, The Umami 2.0, Lady NZ. 

All the 4 Signature Beef burgers are priced at S$10.00, whilst the Chicken burger - Lady NZ is priced at S$9.00. The burgers are served with either straight cut fries or sweet potato fries. 

The minced chilled beef from halal supplier Adam Halal Frozen Mart (S) Pte Ltd is first marinated using ketchup, mustard, salt & pepper to taste, then handmade into 120 gm patties. Here at Blink Burgers, there is choice of two type of buns - Sesame bun or Charcoal bun. 
You can ask to add extra beef patty by topping up S$3.00. Ala Carte orders for Sweet Potato fries at S$6.00 & S$7 for Crispy wings. 

From time to time, Chef Haikal will launch Specialty Burger on the menu when there are seasonal ingredients available such as The Sebast Burger launch when lobster is in season in Q4 of 2014. 

The Signature Burgers at Blink Burgers 

Gang Gogi Burgerat S$10.00 each served with straight French fries or sweet potato fries is available at Blink Burgers, a Gourmet Burger joint founded by two good friends Chef Haikal & Hafiz that is located at 537 Bedok North Street 3, #01-555.
Core Ingredients include - 120gm beef patty, galbi beef, Kimchi, Chipotle Mayonnaise dressing, served on Charcoal Bun with straight cut sweet potato fries.
How it is preparedThe burger bun was passed through the toaster to give it a toasted charred flavor on the surface, yet still maintains it's soft tender inside. 
The chilled minced beef meat is marinated for about 20 minutes with ketchup, mustard, salt & pepper, then hand made into 120gm beef patties. 
The beef patty is pan-seared on each side for 3 minutes each then roast in oven for about 5 minutes, then pan-fried again on the grill to warm it up further & to lend a charred smoky flavour on the exterior of the beef patty. 
The beef patty is then laid on bun on top of fresh lettuce & fresh tomato slices, topped with Kimchi, galbi beef. 
It is then finally drizzled with Bulgogi sauce followed by Chipotle Mayonnaise dressing.
Tasting Notes - The minced beef patty had been grilled on both sides for 3 minutes each, then further oven baked for 5 minutes to lend a savoury juicy tender flavor. 

The beef patty paired beautifully with the sliced galbi beef, which adds a soft chewy texture to the burger. 
The kimchi which is essentially pickled cabbage with paprika & salt, lends a strong intense salty spicy flavor to the burger. 
Chef Haikal's special Chipotle mayonnaise sauce adds another level of spiciness to this delicious Gourmet Gang Gogi Burger. 

Blink Burgers is located at :
Blk 537, Bedok North Street 3, 
#01-555, S(460537).
Email :
Nearest MRT : Bedok MRT, take Bus #225 
Opening Hours :
Monday           (Closed) 
Tues to Thurs  5pm -10.30pm
Friday              5pm - 11pm
Sat to Sun        1pm - 10.30pm

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