Monday, November 2, 2015

Visit to Madame Trussard's Museum Singapore at Sentosa on 17 Oct 2015

The Occasion - Visit to Madame Trussard's Museum Singapore at Sentosa

Bob applied for the MayBank Credit Card & was among the top 200 customers to receive two free passes to the Madame Trussard's Museum Singapore at Sentosa.

So Bob bought another two tickets, one for Adult for Grace & another Senior Citizen ticket for my MIL, and the four of us toured Madame Trussard's Museum Singapore at Sentosa on 17 Oct 2015. 

Bob was the photographer for all my shots whilst I posed for the camera unabashedly.  

In real life it is indeed rare chance to be able to take selfies with famous celebrities & personalities so Madame Trussard's Museum Singapore offer simple peasants like me to pose beside these famous persons. For once I felt like a star myself. 

Here's my photo with the former first President of Singapore Mr Yusof Ishak. I don't think I was born during his lifetime. 

US President Barack Obama will be ending his second term soon. I wish he'd do more to speak out against Monsanto & GMO foods, against what the huge Pharma companies are doing to the healthcare industry. 

IMHO Mr Lee Hsien Loong (below) is born into a family of privileged background whose business is in politics. It is indeed difficult to understand & govern simple peasants like yours truly here who live in worlds apart from him. 

The late LKY & his Mrs (aka dragon lady) enjoys blissful marriage together for more than 65 years, a stark contrast of some of his political opponents such as Dr Lim Hock Siew who were imprisoned & spent years apart from his Mrs, Dr Beatrice Chen. 

Mr Nelson Mandela had it better having been imprisoned politically for many early years of his adult life & finally being able to become President is no mean feat. It takes a lot of courage to stay sane whilst being imprisoned for your political stance by your enemies. 

My salute to this petite giant Mr Gandhi with his perseverance through silent protests & hunger strikes to bring across key flaws in the country's system & society & to bring about change to his country. 

The world's oldest reigning monarch Queen Elizabeth, also part of the Global Elite in the New World Order has for the most part of her life enjoy a lavish lifestyle of privilege. 

In real life it would have been impossible to be able to sit on a bench next to the very famous David Beckham & exercising next to him. His greatest achievement was to preserve unity harmony in family & having 4 lovely kids despite past extra marital affairs. 

I could never get to have the 6 pack abs like what famous boxer Mr Mohammed Ali has. Surely I have better boxing poses than him right ?

Am never a football fan of Ronaldo Cristano so I could not understand why Peter Lim bought his brand Ronaldo Cristano?

Fandi Ahmad is indeed an icon in Singapore & wins my respect for doing Singapore proud because of his achievements in local football scene. Sincerely hope his progeny can surpass dad's achievements. 

Yao Ming would certainly not be able to fit into the MRT train cabin here in Singapore by virtue of his height. Nor will he be able to enter a HDB flat or a HDB lift. I wonder how it feels like to be always standing out from the crowd? One thing I am certain, he would not need a ladder to fix the faulty bulb at home. If he ever play Bridge or Blackjack or mahjong he'd have the upper hand. 

Tiger Woods indeed has put away the past scandal & divorce & moved on in his life to be the comeback kid. Being always trying to be on the top in his professional golf career indeed takes a toil on his personal life. 

Had grew up watching TCS 8 actor Huang Wen Yong starring in the Channel 8 Chinese drama serials & thought he was a really good actor. A pity he left this world after losing battle with cancer. 

Am born in the same year as Zoey Tay, we are both Teochew & are married to someone in same industry. Knew her elder brother James Tay who attends same former church as I. Her greatest achievement is having 3 beautiful boys. 

Phoa Chu Kang aka Gurmit Singh is a character that can relate to all Singaporeans simply because he speaks authentic Singlish. 

Would never in real life be invited to Oprah Winfrey Show so might as well make the best opportunity to play pretend I am on her Show. Turns out both of us have so much in common to talk about : natural health, food, fitness, diet. 

May not be as young as Taylor Swift nor as successful - she is young enough to be my daughter. One thing for sure we both love to sing. My favorite though happens to be classic hymns, oldies, mandarin songs. 

J J Lin is one of the more successful homegrown talents doing well abroad in Mandopop entertainment industry. 

Teresa Teng the iconic queen of Mandarin love songs mesmerized many fans with her sweet melodious voice is forever immortalized at this museum. 

Katy Perry - pastor's daughter turned pop-star an evident product of the music industry, has evidently ditched goody image to embrace the bright lights of Hollywood in return for fame & success & money. 

Sadly Michael Jackson grew up in the Hollywood entertainment industry since he was a little boy & never really enjoyed his childhood. 

Jay Chou is indeed a multi-talented artiste, composer, director & Taiwanese home grown singer who has also forayed into Hollywood. In life sometimes you really need to have a muse discover your talent & help you develop them.

Jack Neo is one of those comeback kid having survived sex scandal & emerged stronger & managed to re-instate his position as a talented director with his movies about the army series:"Ah Boys To Men". 

Jackie Chan is also a survivor & veteran in the Hong Kong entertainment industry and have also made a name for himself in several Hollywood movies & today is a prominent renowned figure especially in Asia. Pretty great achievement for someone who grew up in martial arts school. 

Arnold Schwarznegger had a wonderful marriage that fell apart after his affair with his housekeeper that led to an illegitimate son come to the light. Nonetheless he cuts as a really great actor in his role in the Terminator.  

Growing up listening to ABBA on Rediffusion. There was no YouTube, no Vimeo, no Daily Motion, no internet back in the 70's, 80's, 90's. Today with the internet, YouTube, you can practically place your TV set in the storeroom.

If you are on a shoe-string budget & do not have plans to fly overseas for a holiday this December 2015, since you can't go Korea (due to MERS scare), Malaysia (due to landslide because of monsoon season), Bangkok (due to bomb-scare), Taiwan (due to earthquake scare), Indonesia (due to forest burning ), perhaps Madame Trussard's Museum at Sentosa, Singapore could be your best bet to keep the children occupied. 

River JOrdan and JOrdan being groovy on the disco floor !

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