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Oiishi Japan 2015 from 22-24 Oct 2015 at Suntec City

I visited the Oiishi Japan 2015 held at Suntec City from 22-24 Oct 2015 on the first day. It seems however this year the crowd appears to be thinner compared to last year. Nonetheless I did enjoyed myself thoroughly visiting the various booths to savor the produce from various parts of Japan. 

Flying Fishes 
These dried young Flying fishes or Tobiuo are used as one of the key ingredients in the making of Dashi sauce. 

Miso Soup 
Depending on your preference you can savor different grades of Miso Soup presented with different color shades depending on the salt level from this merchant below. The company produces freeze drying Miso Soup. I tried their Miso Soup & love it so much I bought a pack back to try since Miso Soup is full of prebiotic goodness. 

Kyoto Beef 
These merchants were kind to let me try out their Kyoto beef, it is delicious with great marbling that renders a juicy fatty flavor with melt in your mouth goodness. The meat itself is so tasty you don't need much seasoning at all. 

Hokkaido Beef 
In real life it would not be possible to savor Hokkaido beef & Kyoto beef in same location as they are in different cities. Here at Oiishi Japan 2015 I get to taste beef from Hokkaido & Kyoto at different booths. The Hokkaido beef is really tender & juicy & does not have a gamey flavor but boasts of melt in your mouth consistency. 

Japanese Dried Sea Cucumber 
This is the first time I spotted such tiny sea cucumber from Japan. Those commonly found at the local dried goods Wholesale Centers here in Singapore generally boasts of length of 5 - 7 inch whilst these tiny Japanese dried sea cucumber  measures a mere 2 inch in length. 

Cheese Tobiko Seafood Merchant
I loved the Cheese Tobiko served here at this booth. The merchant supplies processed seafood such as Cheese Tobiko, Tobiko, Marinated Octopus & squid to those in the restaurants & hospitality trade. 

Snow Crab Leg Merchant
I tasted the snow crab leg meat at this booth. The merchant specializes in snow crab leg that can be used in various recipes & presentations be it in sushi or croquette style. 

Fruit Merchant - Apples, Grapes, Tangerine
These two gentlemen are the fruit merchants producing mainly Japanese apples, grapes & tangerines, who hoped to find a reliable distributor to carry their produce. I tried the apples they are crunchy with the yellow apples bearing highest level of sweetness compared to the red apples. The seedless green grapes are surprisingly delicate & sweet & has a fruity floral fragrance to it. It was too tasty to resist so I popped almost 6 grapes into my mouth just to convince myself of the floral fruity flavor. 

Sashimi from Iyosui
These merchants from Japan's Iyosui supplies seafood to restaurants & those in hospitality trade. I tried their seabream & black garoupa sashimi with Japanese Soya sauce, I must say they taste fabulously sweet & tender. 

Uji Matcha
I tasted the Uji Matcha pudding mix that has a lovely smooth melt in your mouth texture so much I got myself a packet on my visit. 

Hi Fu Miso Soup 
I tried the Miso Soup made from adding boiling water to Hi Fu Miso Soup granules. The flavor is refreshingly Umami, I absolutely love it! The Hi Fu Miso Soup granules dissolved completely in boiling water leaving a lightly pastel yellow color soup. The product is great for those who crave Miso Soup on the go. 

Japanese Chocolate 
Our Indian friend on the left speak fluent Japanese & lives in Japan promoting pure chocolate that is beneficial to your heart. Next to her is the Japanese Yoga guru who owns the business. 

Japanese Seaweed 
This is my first time tasting this seaweed. The texture is like Tobiko, the tiny pastel green balls simply bursts into flavors of the sea to lend a delightful lightly salty taste that lingers in your palate. It left such an impression on my palate I had to beg for samples to try again & again & again. 

Blow Fish Sashimi 
Tried out the Blow Fish Sashimi at this booth. 

Hokkaido Ice-Cream Maker 
This husband & wife team of ice-cream making business is looking for a Master Franchiser to bring their brand to Singapore. They use Hokkaido milk to make the ice-cream. I tried a few of their ice-cream flavors - the colors are naturally pastel in color with no added colorings. I find the ice-cream more milky though with the various flavors more milder in taste & not too sweet. 

Marmiya Fish Cakes 
Loved the fish cakes made using Marmiya boiled fish paste. The fish cakes are of a tender smooth texture & flavorful, not fishy smell at all. 

Yuzu sake from Okinawa
Tried the Yuzu Sake at this booth - lovely Yuzu flavor but the alcohol kicked in well even after you gulped down the sake. 

Smoked Mackerel 
Tasted this smoked Mackerel - it has a lightly smoky flavor with the Mackerel meat still tender to the bite. Had to get one of these for my lunch to go with avocado & raw fruit salad. This merchant produces salted fermented squid but not really to my liking. 

Natto Soya Beans
I have always get my supply of Natto beans from NTUC Fair Price at Ang Mo Kio Hub here in Singapore that comes in its natural fermented sticky form. This merchant supplies Natto beans in the dried form and flavored as well. I tasted a few of the flavors & concluded there is a market for these dried fried Natto beans here in Singapore as a form of healthy snack food.

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