Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Gurney Drive™ fresh entrance at Causeway Point Part 1

Great news for all you die-hard fans of Gurney Drive™! Here's  the latest scoop!
Gurney Drive has arrived at the northern part of Singapore - Causeway Point Level 5, just as their slogan goes :"Bringing  Penang To You"

Gurney Drive is owned by Gurney Drive Holdings Pte Ltd, which has 5 outlets under the 

  1. Gurney Drive™ Brand which serves non - halal authentic Penang Cuisine, and another 2 outlets under the 
  2. Penang Culture Brand (Century Square & Changi Airport) that is Halal Certified to cater to the Muslim patrons who loves Penang Food.

Two young enterpreneurs - Malaysian Ven Chin and Singaporean Ricky Shawn Lim, together with two other partners started Gurney Drive since April 2010, and have since incorporated the partnership into Gurney Drive Holdings Pte Ltd. 

Ven & Ricky saw there is a gap in the demand for quick serve dining, and there is lack of Malaysian Cuisine here in Singapore. 

Ven brings with him 4 years' experience in the F and B Business, and met Ricky whilst their were colleagues in a well-known Singaporean retail bakery chain. The duo had such great chemistry they decided to go into the F and B business together by pooling their strengths, talent and money, and robing in some investors. 

The company plans to roll out a total of two new outlets in 2013, and eventually when the business has gained much momentum, to expand business  by having franchisees take the company further. 

River JOrdan and JOrdan being groovy on the disco floor !

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