Saturday, March 9, 2013

Background - Chicken Hot Pot at NEX Part 2

Background  : Chicken Hot Pot at NEX Shopping Mall is the third restaurant owned & operated by Mr Jonathan Siow together with his sister Ms Doris Siow & Brother-in-law Mr David Chow (spouse of Doris), under the company Chicken Hot Pot (S) Pte Ltd. 

Jonathan Siow (in Blue) & David Chow (in Yellow) at Chicken Hot Pot at NEX 

Branches: Two other Chicken Hot Pot branches are found at : 10 Sinaran Drive, #04-02A/B/C, Novena Square 2 and 799, New Upper Changi Road, #02-35/36, Bedok Point. 

Menu : Chicken Hot Pot Restaurant serves four main types of seafood & meat (Chicken, Prawn, Beef & Fish) in different sauces with varying degree of spiciness ( non-spicy, Mild Spicy, Spicy).

The signature dish is Chicken Hot Pot.

Accolades : Chicken Hot Pot originated from Shanghai, 69 Wu Jiang Road. The following are the accolades that Chicken Hot Pot had garnered since 2002. 

Company started in 2008, opened its first outlet at Shenton Way. Jonathan Siow used to work as sales & marketing engineer whilst Doris Siow was from the Financial Banking Industry. 

Unique Dining Concept : Jonathan stayed in Shanghai for 6 months where he discovered some restaurants in Shanghai serve mini clay-pot steamboat and found the taste to be unique. The hot pot could be served as shared portion or as individual pot. The food was first eaten with the sauce, and when close to finishing the food in the claypot, soup was added to the sauce to form a mini steamboat. 
This unique concept of hotpot cum mini steamboat has since been brought into Singapore by Jonathan & Doris. They have obtained franchise rights for Singapore market for ten years from Shanghai franschiser. They are planning to open two more Chicken Hot Pot outlets in 2013, totaling five outlets, eventually to grow the business to eight outlets island-wide.

Target : shoppers, families, students, PMEBs, 

Training : Management of Chicken Hot Pot (S) Pte Ltd believes strongly in staff training : trainers from HQ   train kitchen & frontline staff. 

Menu changes : Menu planning are managed by HQ which includes expansion of menu recently to include fish. 

Ordering & Payment : 
Restaurant operates on post paid concept, and diners place their orders at the counter. 

Quality of ingredients & sauces : Fresh meat & seafood are delivered daily from local sources. whilst the unique sauce with proprietary recipes are ordered from Shanghai. 

Caterings & Takeaways : Currently the restaurant does not provide catering services, but do offer takeaways. 

Bookings : Bookings for functions are considered on ad hoc basis. 

Seating Capacity : Restaurant provides seating capacity of 70 pax. 

Diners can be assured the hot pot is cooked ala minute upon order taken. As there is no central kitchen, all meats and seafood at Chicken Hot Pot are cooked at each individual outlets. Restaurant uses wax-based warmers and is convenient & easy to use. 

Guide to eating Hot Pot at Chicken Hot Pot : 
Choice of 3 sizes : Small for 1 pax, Medium for 2 pax, Large for 3 pax. 
Choice of 4 flavours : Chicken, Beef, Prawn, Fish
Choice of Spiciness : Non-spicy, mild spicy, spicy
Restaurant does not use MSG, is non halal. 

Currently Chicken Hot Pot runs promotion with Groupon.

River JOrdan and JOrdan being groovy on the disco floor !

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