Friday, April 12, 2013

PappaRich Singapore Expansion Plans - Malaysian Delights

Ownership : Sebastian Low heads the PappaRich Singapore Franchise with several partners, and is instrumental in spearheading the expansion of PappaRich brand in Singapore. Sebastian brings with him a wealth of experience from the hospitality industry, was responsible for managing hotels in Malaysia for past 4 years. 

Expansion plans : Sebastian and his team at PappaRich Singapore have plans to grow PappaRich really BIG in Singapore, apart from opening full size restaurants, there are plans to operate PappaRich express or kiosk outlets. 

Signatures : The Signatures at PappaRich's Singapore menu are:
  1. Pappa Lemak with Fried Chicken Drumstick
  2. Pappa Char Kuay Teow 
  3. Pappa Ipoh Kuay Teow Soup with Prawn
  4. Pappa Curry Laksa
  5. Pappa Wat Tan Hor 
  6. Super Pappa Combo
  7. Pappa Roti Bakar with Margarine and Kaya
  8. Pappa Roti Bakar with Otak-Otak
Menu Items : To date there are about 150 items on the menu, with changes to the menu every 6 months. Currently Menu planning is done by HQ in Malaysia for the Asia market. 

Training : PappaRich Singapore trains its total 20 kitchen & front-line staff by tapping on resources from PappaRich Malaysia HQ to truly immerse its staff  in the culture and cuisine of PappaRich. 

Central Kitchen : As the group in Singapore is still in its expansion phase, PappaRich Singapore does not have a central kitchen. Currently, it obtains the sauces and pastes from Malaysia HQ. However it does not rule out having a central kitchen once the outlets reach a substantial number. 

Promotions : PappaRich currently do not have promotion with banks, credit card companies as yet, but may consider promotional activities with relevant partners in future to reward diners.

Winning Formula : PappaRich has built its success for the past nine years based on key factors: 
  1. Founder with Vision 
  2. Best Recipes Fresh Good Grade Ingredients Best Practice Culinary Methods
  3. Perfect Branding 
Ingredients & Food Sources : PappaRich Founder Mr Rich Tan believes in using best ingredients to make the best Malaysian Cuisine. The company goes to great length to use best spices - it gets its pepper from Sabah, famous for its pepper produce. The fresh meat and poultry used at the outlets are delivered from local vendors daily as the emphasis is to present fresh produce to its diners. 

The kitchen does not use MSG, nor preservatives. The OEM factory in Malaysia is appointed to solely produce sauces, pastes for the PappaRich Group, and delivers them to the outlets weekly without any preservatives. 

Quality Control : Stringent e.g. Fried Chicken Drumstick is discarded if no order within 2 hours. 

Ordering : Restaurant offers table service where the service staff takes orders. 

Payment : Restaurant is on post paid concept. 

Seating Capacity : 140 pax 

Catering : Currently not offered at the outlet.

Booking : Available on weekdays on ad hoc basis.

Target : Shoppers, Families, Students

Halal Certification : PappaRich will be getting their Halal Cert soon !

Expansion Plans : New outlet at Westgate schedule to open in Quarter 4,  2013 at Jurong East, 
another new outlet ONE KM will be opened in Quarter 4, 2013 at Tajong Katong. 

Merchandise Corner : not available yet.

Marketing activities : targeting PR release Mid 2013. 

Plans to expand to other cuisines : not yet. 

River JOrdan and JOrdan being groovy on the disco floor !

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