Monday, July 29, 2013

Interview Part 2 with Sarge Sargeant - BLooiE's Roadhouse at The Aquarius, Science Park 2

Menu Expansion : Sarge & Fiona reviews the menu every 6 months. There are Signatures dishes that do not change. 

Ideas for Menu : come from customers' suggestions, from Sarge's travelling experiences in N. America, and in trying out similiar style restaurants, e.g. BLooiE's Beer Butt chicken was from Sarge's travel experience in America. 
The key ingredients used in the marination of the chicken was dry spice. Sarge came back to Singapore & developed the cajun spice  for the Beer Butt Chicken. 

Items on the Menu : there are total of 30-40 items on the menu, includes pizzas, burger, steak, lamb rack, salmon, fish, vegetarian, Texas Mexican selection.  

Canadian Cuisine : usually used a lot of sugar in their recipe. Canada is a fusion mix of diverse cuisine. One of the authentic dish representative of Canadian Cuisine would be BLooiE's Shredded Pork Sandwich.

Central Kitchen : All the marinates, basting sauces, chili are done at the Central Kitchen for quality control. The salsa, burgers are made in house at the outlets daily, the steaks are marinated daily. Currently 4-6 kitchen staff at Central Kitchen prepares the marinates. All training in preparation of sauces, marinates, salsa are done by Fiona. At BLooiE's the chefs participate in the tasting of marinates, sauces, salsa, food to check for consistency instead of just simply following the recipe. 

BLooiE's Roadhouse can be found at the following 4 locations : 
  1. 21, Science Park Road #01-01 The Aquarius (Science Park II), S(117628). Tel : 67750046
  2. 49, Jalan Tua Kong (Upp East Coast) Siglap, S(457249). Tel : 64420030
  3. Rail Mall, 426/428 Upp Bukit Timah Road, S(678053). Tel : 67661588
  4. 100 Faber Drive, Faber Hills, S(129406). Tel : 67783459

River JOrdan and JOrdan being groovy on the disco floor !

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