Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Big Bern's American Grill at 978 Toa Payoh North #02-01 Stall 9 - The Signature Cajun Chicken

Big Bern's American Grill Menu 2015 

This is the Signature Cajun Chicken served here at Big Bern's American Grill located at 978 Toa Payoh North Food Court, Unit #02-01, Stall 9. This Cajun Chicken is priced at S$6.90 (Half) & at S$9.00 (Regular) served with homemade mashed potatoes with onions & cheese & homemade fresh coleslaw. 
Core Ingredients - Frozen skinless boneless chicken breast from Brazil, Mozzarella cheese, Cajun sauce, potatoes, cream, onions, cheese, (julienned) raw cabbage.
How this is prepared - Bernie Utchenik shares that Asians generally prefer chicken leg of thigh than breast. However if you know how to cook the breast meat well it should be just as tender tasty & moist. Here at Big Bern's American Grill, Bernie Utchenik uses boneless chicken breast from Brazil, he halves the 200gm chicken breast in the middle, then marinates it overnight with his special secret spice mix, gently grill them, then at the right time he adds Mozzarella cheese on top of the chicken to allow it to melt gently then he tops it with his homemade spicy Cajun sauce. 
For the double baked cheese potatoes, Bernie Utchenik has a special recipe where he adds cheese on top to his homemade boiled & mashed potatoes that he made from scratch (using potatoes, Cheddar cheese, onion) & bakes them to get that crisp top. 
To make the coleslaw, Bernie Utchenik uses machine to julienne the fresh raw cabbage, to it is added raw carrot, mayonnaise, sugar, vinegar.
Tasting Notes - The chicken meat is very tender juicy, not too dry. The meat is sliced midway to cook it evenly. The Cajun sauce is very spicy & blends really well with the cheesy savory Mozzarella. Bernie Utchenik takes care that the chicken does not dry out on the grill & cooks it generally for around 8 to 10 minutes. Here at Big Bern's American Grill, Bernie Utchenik's rustic cooking style results in a burst of flavors in the mouths of diners. He is not into subtle flavors that are more commonly found in Japanese cuisine. 

Key secrets to making the Cajun chicken so tender & tasty is :
  • the marination process, 
  • usage of pinch of salt to flavor, 
  • cooking the chicken breast meat over medium heat so as not to char the outside, 
  • timely placement of the Mozzarella cheese on the chicken breast. 
The mashed potato has a rustic, home-style, rich, umami, creamy buttery flavor from the combination of cheese, sweet onions & savory potatoes. 
The coleslaw tastes great even on its own. It has fresh crisp crunchiness texture, the vinegar used is just right proportion, not overly sour.

Big Bern's American Grill is located at:
978, Toa Payoh North,
#02-01, Stall 9, S(319001).
Tel : 67107362
Email : berniebotak@gmail.com
Delivery at http://bigberns.foodpanda.sg
Opening Hours :
Monday (Closed)
Tuesday to Sunday 11.30am to 9pm 

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