Sunday, March 22, 2015

Gelato World Tour 20 to 22 March 2015 at MBS Convention Centre Hall D Singapore - The Finalists #7 #8

No 7 - Chendol Merdeka by Marco Alfero from Alfero Artisan Gelato 
My Tasting Notes - Marco uses three ingredients which I love : coconut milk, pandan, gula melaka. Overall the flavor is very fragrant, lightly sweet with a strong coconut presence & tinge of pandan. But I think the flavors of the ingredients used in the chendol recipe (coconut & pandan) somewhat presents a milder taste as compared to if you use ingredients with a stronger flavor such as Almonds, Walnuts, Macadamia, dark chocolate. As such the flavor in Chendol Merdeka although is fragrant but is mild, and somewhat could not leave a lasting impact in my palate. 
Do not get me wrong. Marco does a decently fantastic Pistachio nut flavor in his Alfero Artisan Gelato outlets here in Singapore & I simply would have given a 2 thumbs up if he had used Pistachio in this competition. 

No 8 - Loving Dates by Stefano Cadorin from +39 gelato bar 
My Tasting Notes - Stefano uses strong ingredients Tahini, Dates, Coconut cream. In fact the coconut flavor rings strongly in this sweet smooth gelato. However the Balsamic vinegar presents a mild tinge of after-taste of mellow tartness which to those who loves Balsamic vinegar will find it a draw. I personally use Balsamic vinegar to flavor only my vegan salads & particularly find its use in pairing with gelato (which is suppose to be a sweet dessert) somewhat difficult for me to appreciate. 

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