Sunday, March 22, 2015

Gelato World Tour 20 to 22 March 2015 at MBS Convention Centre Hall D Singapore - The Finalists #11 #12

No 11 - Curcuma (Temulawak) by Andre Soenjato from de Bolivia 
My Tasting Notes - Andre uses Curcuma (Tumeric) powder & syrup to make this gelato. I love Curcuma (Tumeric) best in recipes for fried chicken & fried fish where the spice lends a very fragrant flavor to the meat. But when you use it in a gelato, the flavor of the spice somewhat exudes a herbal tinge and does not make the gelato very palatable.  

No 12 - Good 'Ol Days by Sharon Tay from Momolato 
My Tasting Notes - Sharon uses ingredients that I love: coconut milk, gula melaka. However coconut milk though fragrant, bears mild flavors. It flavors are enhanced by the use of the caramelised beancurd in this recipe. Overall a strong coconut flavor with bursts of light salty savory from the caramelised beancurd. This flavor is close to that in 14 -Flavors of the East.

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