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Flavour Flings at 121 Hougang Ave 1 #01-1348 S(530121) - The Signature Madame Croque S$15 per serving

Madame Croque at S$15.00 per serving is available on the Toasts & Wiches Category of the Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch menu at Flavour Flings located at 121 Hougang Avenue 1 #01-1348. 
Madame Croque is made using Core Ingredients - Thick Toast, Brioche Bread, Sunny side up, spring onions to garnish, Bechamel Sauce,  Emmental Cheese, Turkey Ham.
(*Note :Madame Croque is essentially = Mr Croque with a sunny side up)
How it is prepared - Chef Shawn Koh gets his fresh toast from Joe & Dough which is delivered to Flavour Flings as sandwich loaf already freshly baked. He learnt to prepare Madame Croque from the last French cafe he worked at. 
Step 1 - To the 2 pieces of thick sliced bread Chef Shawn Koh puts butter on it then toast in the oven for 5 minutes. 
Step 2 - To the bottom slice, Chef Shawn Koh puts cheddar sauce mixed with green mild spices (includes strong garlic flavor), take breakfast Turkey ham from ZAC Butchery & layer it on top. This is followed by newly shredded french Emmental cheese.
Step 3 - For the top slice, Chef Shawn Koh  puts home made Bechamel sauce on top with nutmeg & sea-salt. Then on top of the Bechamel sauce he puts mozzarella cheese. 
Step 4 - Chef Shawn Koh then place the whole sandwich bread to toast in oven for 10 minutes at 175 - 180 degrees, then it is ready to serve warm with sunny side egg up. 
Chef Shawn Koh uses french Emmental cheese from Classic Fine foods from France. 
To make the homemade Bechamel sauce, Chef Shawn Koh first melt the 150 gm salted President butter, together with 150 gm plain flour to make instant rue on the pot, the ratio is 1:1 for butter vs plain flour. 
After the butter melts Chef Shawn Koh pours in the plain flour & uses the whisk to stir it. When the flour is fully incorporated into the butter, he adds the UHT full cream milk, then stir, and at temperature of 400 watts (on low heat) in the Induction Cooker, he whisk till the mixture is hot, and thats when the flour gets cooked & the mixture thickens in 4 to 6 minutes, then it is ready for use. He does it in small batches, he then season the thickened mixture with finely grated nutmeg & sea-salt. 
Tasting Notes - Two thick toast is layered with Turkey ham, with layers of Bechamel sauce & Emmental cheese in between & topped with sunny side up. The thick toast is toasted just about right - crispy on the outside & soft crispy in the centre.
The Bechamel sauce lends a cheesy creamy flavor, adds on to give savoury lightly salty flavor likely from the Turkey Ham used in this recipe. 
The homemade Bechamel sauce is creamy & tastes absolutely great with the  toast & sunny side up. The french shredded Emmental cheese is harder in texture. The mozzarella cheese is cheesy softer & melts into a springy form.
The toast is crisp on the outside still tender soft on the inside, soft tender  texture with cheesy texture from the Emmental cheese to give creamy cheesy flavor. A soft tender texture with cheesy bite from Emmental cheese together with Bechamel sauce & savory Turkey Ham = lends an overall comforting feeling! Now this is a pretty sizeable portion, so if I come alone to Flavour Flings, I'd likely only finish about two thirds of Madame Croque. A delicious heart warming dish to savour!

Flavour Flings is located at :
Blk 121, Hougang Ave 1, 
#01-1348, S(530121)
Tel : 62860051
Email :
Opening Hours :
Weekdays from 11am to 9pm
Weekends from  9am to 9pm 
Closed on Tuesdays

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