Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Flavour Flings at 121 Hougang Ave 1 #01-1348 S(530121) - The Signature Creme Brulee at S$7 per serving

Creme Brulee priced at S$7.00 per serving is available on the Desserts Category of the Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch menu at Flavour Flings located at 121 Hougang Avenue 1 #01-1348. 
The Creme Brulee is made using Core Ingredients - Chilled cream custard, charred sugar. The cream custard is made using core ingredients : egg yolk, brown sugar, cream, milk, vanilla mix.
How it is prepared - The cream custard is made using ingredients : egg yolk, brown sugar, cream, milk, vanilla mix. The ingredients are mixed well & placed inside porcelain ramekin flat plates.  
The Creme Brulee is then steam baked for 18 minutes on 175 degrees in a water bath. To serve Chef Shawn Koh simply layer the top with brown sugar then torched it to give it that caramelized glaze.
Tasting Notes - The chilled cream custard topped with caramelized sugar is served on a round porcelain ramekin flat plate with base full of vanilla seeds from the fresh vanilla pod that Chef Shawn Koh uses. 
There is a generous dose of brown sugar on top & Chef Shawn Koh torched it to give it a shiny glazed top. The cream custard on its own has an eggy creamy smooth silky texture, its torched top gives an added sugary flavor. The cream custard is lightly flavored with the vanilla seeds. What comes out strong is the caramelized sugar that gives clear distinct sweetness & tend to be overpowering. 

Flavour Flings is located at :
Blk 121, Hougang Ave 1, 
#01-1348, S(530121)
Tel : 62860051
Email :
Opening Hours :
Weekdays from 11am to 9pm
Weekends from  9am to 9pm 
Closed on Tuesdays

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