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Table At 7 at 7 Mohamed Sultan Rd S(238957) an Italian Wine Club Wine Dinner - The Venue The Ambience The Wine Journalist The Wine Producer

The Venue : 7 Mohamed Sultan Road, S(238957)

The Restaurant : Table at 7 
Table for 7, located at 7 Mohamed Sultan Road, is a fine dining restaurant co-founded by Chef Directors Karl Dobler, 52 who is of Austrian descent & Eugenia Ong, 53, who has Indonesian heritage. Table at 7 serves fusion cuisine with strong Indonesian & European influences. 

The Event : Hidden Terroirs of Tuscany & Umbria
Table at 7 is the venue for the evening's Wine Tasting event hosted & Organised by Mr Andrea Agnelli, Account Manager from Italian Wine Club - "Hidden Terroirs of Tuscany & Umbria" held on 1st April 2015. 

The Ambience at Table For 7
The decor is modern European with various modern European paintings that adorn the walls of the restaurant giving a classic vibe. 

Italian Wine Journalist Visiting Singapore - Mr Riccardo Gabriele 
Riccardo Gabriele, was born in Livorno on August 29 1975. A professional journalist and PR, graduate in philosophy, Riccardo Gabriele began his journalistic career in 1996 at the daily “Mattina”, an insert of “Unità”. 
In December 1997, Riccardo Gabriele joined the editorial staff of the magazine  “30giorni.” After working in radio and internships in local television, since March 1999, he took on the position of editor at “30 giorni”. 
From February 2000 until 2002, Riccardo Gabriele collaborates with newspaper “The Nation”. Prior to start of column dedicated to wine in the monthly magazine  “30 giorni” in December 2002, Riccardo Gabriele is also involved in collaborations in specialist magazines and PR and worked, occasionally, with the journals Euposia, The taster and  VQ.  
In 2005 Riccardo Gabriele founded the PR agency RG Communication, & in May 2005 the online newspaper Corriere del vino.  In 2006 he worked with the guide Vini buoni d’Italia for the Tuscany. In June 2006, Riccardo Gabriele settled down to work for a communications company in the world of wine: PR Comunicare il  vino.  Today Riccardo Gabriele deals with the communication of wine for companies & consortia in Italy and continues his professional activities as  editor of Corriere del vino.

Vineyard Owner & Wine Producer - Mr Ivan Giuliani of Terenzuola, Tuscany, Italy

The Terenzuola estate is located in extreme northern part of coastal Tuscany, in the Colli di Luni DOC, which also overlaps the southeastern corner of Liguria.  

This small estate is planted predominantly to Vermentino, with smaller parcels of indigenous varieties like Merla, Vernaccia Nera and Pollera; the hilly, calcareous vineyards of the Colli di Luni have been producing an increasing number of delicious, fruity reds though the region is most well-known for white wines.  The estate’s first bottling was in 1996. 

Vineyard Owner & Wine Producer Ivan Giuliani, owner of Terenzuola, shares his journey : 
"In 1993 I carried out my first harvest: the wine produced was sold to local restaurants. At first it was a side job to my University studies, as I was waiting to take a decision after graduating.  
After two years, in 1995, I had to suddenly leave for my military service in Friuli and in Slovenia. I was daily amid vineyards and I was in contact with the growers of this beautiful border area and, during weekends, the local growers taught me wine making and environment friendly viticulture and especially what passion and being attached to one’s land meant.   
When I returned  home I decided that I would become a vigneron for life.  I immediately started planting new vineyards and I started vinifying Vermentino grapes which were perfectly ripe in order to avoid the typical bitterness of this varietal and I started making wines with an important range of aromatics. My wine making style was in this way established.   
I started searching for old vineyards in the area at the foot of the hills in the areas of Fosdinovo, Castelnuovo and Sarzana. The 1999 harvest was the first where a considerable amount of wine was produced and where good results were obtained also for red wines. A new project was started to double the vineyard extension and to turn an old hayloft into a wine cellar.   

In 2004, with more than 10 hectares of vineyards, in order to enhance the value of selection wines, I decided to create two classical products, made with the grapes of the younger vines planted on loose soils.   
In 2006 I started looking forwards and, within a border territory, I started considering a project “without borders”. A project that should not be based exclusively in Liguria or in Tuscany, but a wine making project in the areas of Luni, Candia, Lunigiana and Cinque Terre. In this way the historical areas of Lunigiana would be united as they were a century and a half ago.   
From the 2007 harvest, when I was managing over 15 hectares of vineyards, I involved Marco Nicolini, in my project. Marco is an old friend and a well-known grower and together we decided to improve the vineyards, the buildings and the cellar equipment. 
During the same year I created Giuliani e Pasini, a company based in Riomaggiore, in the Cinque Terre (in Liguria). The project, planned by my cardiologist friend Evasio Pasini, was revised for the production of white wine and of Sciacchetrà,  the vineyards and the style of the wines were improved in order to create a strong link between the territory and tradition."      
Terenzuola is practicing organic and integrated agriculture. Organic fertilizers, sulfur and copper-based products are used, and the vines see no systemic plant protection products. 
Leguminous crops are sown on the rows between the vines, and the soil directly under the vines is tilled. Very low doses of SO2 are used to preserve the wines.    

Table for 7 is located at:
7 Mohammed Sultan Road, 
Tel : 6836 6362
For information on future Wine Events organised by Italian Wine Club, kindly contact Account Manager Mr Andrea Agnelli at http//

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